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Inseong Gallery Now Open
Inseong Gallery is now open and features beautiful artwork by local artists' Inseong J. Kim, Doug Miley, Lilly Miley, Kathy Donavan, Judy Hendricks, and Jay R. Yett!
 Sounds of Spring 
Have a night out with family and friends and enjoy complimentary, live music at the Kierland Concert Series, presented by J. Jill.
Event Details
 Get Your Tan On 
Tommy Bahama’s Spring/Summer 2018 swimwear collection is here! Shop for your getaway or your pool staycation here.
View Collection
 Sensational Sale  
Stop by Soma Intimates for the Soma Sensational Sale and get up to 50% off going on now!

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 In The Know 
Stay up to date with the latest store openings and events on Instagram.

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